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‘Dead’ Centre of Ireland

Assuming I'd be merely ticking a box in my "Points of Ireland" series, the centre of Ireland turned out to be quite the interesting, debated, and symbolic location.

The geographically centre of Ireland is Carnagh Roscommon, but the social, political and spiritual 'centre' of Ireland for thousands of years has been the Hill of Uisneach. (42km further east) Having discovered a documentary on RTE's archives I learnt that the centre of Ireland isn't just one point on a map.


Hill of Uisneach.

It was here, at the Stone of Divisions that for thousands of years, was considered the centre of Ireland; Here Druids performed Celtic rituals, fires lit, kings crowned, politicians rally and crowds gathered.

It's said at this spot the Goddess Queen of the land, Eiru rests here.

Bealtaine fire festival 2019



Shores of Lough Ree  

The geographic centre looks pretty anti-climatically in comparison to the Hill of Uisneach however both locations offer a unique beauty in their own right.

Not only a popular fishing location, but Lough Ree (the second largest lake on the Shannon river ) also offers a location steeped in Irish legend and mythology.

Lough Ree has a series of islands, the most legendary is that of Inchcleraun which contains the remains of an ancient monastery and is said to be the murder site of Queen Maeve.


St. Patricks Bed. The Peak of Uisneach


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