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Lovers Leap

A tale of forbidden love

Lovers Leap is a viewing point along the Dargle River in Wicklow. The beautiful nature trail boasts romantic views of the valley with a vertigo-inducing height. The name comes from local folklore of a tragic ending to a love story at this spot once upon a time...

The story goes that a young couple arrived here while fleeing from the wrath of an un-approving father. The daughter of a protestant merchant who fell in love with a handsome but impoverished catholic boy. Their love was forbidden and so they attempted to elope. But with heavy hearts they lost hope, knowing they could never be together. (At least not in this world) When they arrived at this romantic spot, they found a way to be together forever. Jumping from the edge, falling to their deaths they hoped of life together in the afterlife.

A cynical version of this story tells a tale of a woman who cheated on her lover. The pain of this infidelity leads to his untimely death. Having spent days weeping by his grave, she decides to take her own life by jumping from this spot.

It is said her ghost appears here crying on June 21st annually.

Regardless of the version you choice to believe, it's one of tragic romance. A perfect story for a picnic overlooking this beautiful location. As long as your significant other has a fondness for such stories.

Makes your relationship problems seem minimal right?

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