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Irelands Highest Point

My Most challenging legend to date.

October 31st.

On departing the hotel, the morning looks glorious. Although I couldn't help notice the thick grey clouds circulating the tip of the mountain. I assume it would clear by afternoon. Research online left me with a belief that 4-6 hours of a route meant approximately 2-3 hours up, that been said Google maps suggested 1 hour 35 minutes.

Full of energy and enthusiasm I set Google's target of 1:35. Of course, Documenting my journey was the end goal, the timing was only a bonus.

I came prepared for both an increase in body temperature with shorts and a t-shirt, yet knowing the change in weather is inevitable a rain jacket. It wasn't long before the rain jacket was essential. A light shower damped our exploration, but not our spirits.

Before we reached the "devils Ladder" I did manage to pop the drone up for a quick few shots of the surrounding area. But footage going high up wasn't futile with the clouds and I was quite eggar to keep moving before the weather... I also have an equally egger companioning keeping me moving.

View half way up the Devils Ladder

The devil's ladder was horrible. The rain poured, the wind blew, my glasses fogged up from sweat and rain-droplets to the point I had to remove them. Halfway up my legs are burning, heart-pounding and despite the rain jacket, I was getting soaked from the inside.

I clearly overestimated my fitness.

By now I had become clumsy with my steps one step forward two slides back. And a backpack with a drone, foot and goodness knows what else certainly was weighing me down. But I wasn't giving up. I had a goal to achieve. Plus my companion was certainly keeping me motived. By the time I reached the top, I was exhausted... I even lay down for a few minutes in the snow. Too hot to feel the cold. It took a while before I noticed the surrounding fog had hidden the world from view. about 10 meters viewing distance. I might as well have been in the dark. well, maybe not the bad. but it reminded me of that 2001 horror movie "The Others".

I was glad to have company, getting lost alone up here would have been scary. After a quick break, I continued forward, up yet another steep slope. The temperature had dropped significantly and the ground covers in patches of snow. What a unique way to spend Halloween.

Its not long before my tights and hips burn and it's one step forward three steps back. Halfway up this new hill, we stop, and I grab half a sandwich for power to get me through the last few meters. Its freezing conditions yet I'm in a T-shirt, dangling my raincoat in an attempt to drop my body temperature. A passer-by jokes about calling a helicopter should I get hyperthermia. I knew what I was doing but there was a certain level of seriousness to her point, which is why I put the coat back on as soon as I felt the chill return. But for me, keeping cool is essential to performance, a drop in body temperature is no harm.

Finally, I see it, the cross marking the very top of the hill. My pace suddenly picks up. But so too does the harshness of the day. Mist blankets the area with visibility even less than previous. Forget about the drone, even by the camera was almost lost to the fog. Looking bacon the footage it looks like I shot the scene in front of a white sheet. The mist incredibly thick, the wind howling and the train bitterly cold. After our charging hike up, we spend less than a minute on top... We got a photo or two, I did a quick vlog post and back down at a speed which surprises me quite pleasantly.

Coming down was easy... Much easier than before. and thanks for gravity's pull I didn't feel tired or hungry until about 15 minutes after the Devil ladder. However by the time, I could almost see the car park, my patients were slowly coming to an end. I had enough and wanted to just rest. The car was a welcoming sight and when I sat did I suddenly feel the exhaustion.

That been said on the way back to the hotel, I even considered another touristy thing but once I sat down in the hotel, such notion fades quickly. Looking back on it now it was so worth it. The hike felt so good, and the challenge met with great footage which I look forward to editing.


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