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Most Haunted Pub

Irelands oldest and most haunted pub.

Along with Irelands most haunted, Grace Neills also brags to be Irelands oldest pub.

It isn't alone with this claim. Others including the Brazen Head (Dublin) and Kyteler’s Inn (Killkenny) claim the same. This crown, of course, goes to Sean's Bar in Athlone. However; Grace Neills is Ireland's "oldest licensed pub" because in the early 1600s pubs were required by law to become licensed to sell alcohol and I guess Grace was first in line to relieve a licence.

3rd November

Intending to be one of my Halloween legends, It would be only today before I could visit here. But so what, haunting isn't limited to just Halloween.

As I drove, I followed Google maps, which as the voice announced "your destination is on your left" I was left a little flummoxed because it was much smaller than I expected. Taking a quick glance it also looked closed up.

Disappointed, I pulled up two doors down and prepared myself for a quick photo outside. As I approached nothing changed my assumption, the front looked old and somewhat shut. To my absolute delight, I chanced the door and it opened. Half expecting to find a building site, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was still pub-like with TVs on and blaring 90's "Sister Sister", which was quite obscure considering I was about to vlog on a haunted pub.

on Entering it was exactly how I imagined it, this old cosy pub which probably hadn't changed in over 100 years. The pub looked empty... nobody behind the bar and every chair and table vacant If it wasn't for the distant sound of 90's pop music in the background I would have said this place was suddenly abandoned.

However what I didn't notice was a small opening where a back door once was, led into an enormous extension out the back to a modern and beautiful restraint area. Hungry my timing was perfect for lunch and the waitress was kind enough to encourage me to sit wherever I felt comfortable. Of course, I sacrificed the comforts of the new restaurant area, for a table in the original part of the bar, surrounded by the ambience of sports memorial, ruby bunting, old photos, vintage ornaments and Geri Halliwell's "look at me" playing on the TV. Random!

The menu looked delicious and the taste didn't fail to deliver. I was extremely impressed by my Seafood Risotto, a first for any tastebuds. I was a little surprised at the lack of supernatural activity here especially considering it has been featured on supernatural documentaries on cable TV. I suppose I should have come at night... or by November 3rd all the ghosts and ghouls were still recovering from Halloween Shenanigans.

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